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Arnaboldi Interiors Italy

Arnaboldi Interiors, art creates art

Arnaboldi Interiors, cataloge 2013 "luxurious home and hospitality" is a collection that tells the story of a company founded way back in 1930, in a small little "workshop" behind the family home in the town of Cantù, near Como. Since then, the company has grown year after year, and is now at its third generation. A fantastic group, based on values of artisan craftsmanship, tradition, and the culture of fine furnishings.

We live in Cantù, in the Brianza region, which is a land full of ancient arts, custodians of bygone artisan techniques, thankfully passed down from generation to generation, a land where furnishings give the abode more emotion and worth. Today, we like to think back to yesterday and feel that inspiration once again, yet taking it into an innovative and contemporary key – thanks to the new generations that are part of the company. This is how art creates art, and our furnishings have been able to keep up with changing times, wonderfully reinterpreting styles from the past or offering up contemporary and practical designer furniture.

Virtual tour of our stand Salone 2014 or flip through our catalogue