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Interior bar design

Sophisticated décor to furnish hotel bars

We design interiors for bars and restaurants of hotels, handling the design and aspect of each element found in the room. Our in-depth knowledge of artisan techniques allows us to create luxury elegant furnishings, ready to welcome the guests of your hotel.

The interiors, designed in stages, are made to adapt perfectly, to the customer's needs, down to the smallest detail: finely crafted furniture, upholstered chairs, and tables carved and enriched with inlays are the symbols of the culture and passion for classic timeless style.

The interior of the bar is created by a team of experienced designers, able to combine simplicity and solidity with the originality of curves and contemporary shapes. The wainscoting enhances the interior, making it cosy and elegant. Finished in gold leaf and silver, these furnishings are truly luxurious, emphasizing charm and pure exclusiveness.