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Elegant bedrooms

Elegant bedrooms, furnishing for hotels and villas

Whether it’s a hotel or a luxury villa, we create and build unforgettably elegant bedrooms.
Working closely with the master cabinetmakers, the furnishing will fulfil our customers and their guests desires. Our goal is to amaze those who cross the threshold of a bedroom designed by our interior designers.

We don't only provide the furnishings and décor, we also carefully coordinate all the elements that lead to a single conclusion: elegant emotions.

Right from the moment you open the carved lacquered door of the bedrooms with its unique handle created by Arnaboldi architects, you will be transported into a fascinating experience . We handle each and every detail, adding the right touches and clearly defining the spaces with high quality wood components to make your stay unforgettable, that perfect feeling of home.

We design and create furniture accessories to define the elegance requested, we don't ignore any suggestion in order to satisfy your needs, leaving that wonderful impression of our work, through our dedication and professional expertise.