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Hotel bedrooms

Hotel bedrooms, stylish furniture

We offer furnishings for hotel bedrooms, well known for their beauty, the signature of our company.
Together with the customer we study the most suitable solution to provide a contract plan and enhance every inch of the bedrooms in your hotel.

We pay particular attention to the details of the single and double bedroom, and clearly even more when designing the  suite of the hotel, where something truly unique has to be expressed.

In order to maintain the high level that we have set so far, we do not only produce the classic elements of the bedrooms, but also complementary furniture cabinet for entrance, wardrobe with mirrors, from false ceiling to wainscoting to finish off with doors.

We skilfully combine a carved headboard, in a classic style with that rustic feel of a mountain lodge, we go from the modern that includes the pickled walls and linear furniture, to using more traditional materials like wood and fabric, offering you pure elegance and décor for guests who want to feel right at home.