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arredamenti personalizzati contract hotel

Custom furnishing

Custom furnishing for hotels

Are you looking for custom furnishing for your hotels? We are the solution.

Depending on the measurements and design of the property, we can create, based on proposals and  projects, the furniture that will make each space and interior truly special.

We offer skilled craftsmanship, with a long tradition in working with different materials, from wood to ebony, and with artisan techniques such as sophisticated lacquer or a finish with gold or silver leaf.

Each and every detail is important, in order to make each part of the custom-made furniture piece truly unique, perfectly furnishing common spaces and bedrooms.

Custom furnishing does not have ordinary designs, which is why we can work together with you to define an elegant, luxury style for the interior that comes together in perfect harmony with your preferences and the culture that distinguishes the city and place where you are located.