suite living area
Furnishings for the living room that are full of enthusiasm and grace – all enhanced with the right touch of tact, coming perfectly together with the...
suite sleeping area
Beauty steps into the sleeping area of the suite hotel. Mixing project design and fine taste leads to the creation of tried and true masterpieces – this...

suite furnishings

Arnaboldi in the finest suites

Suite furnishings Arnaboldi, elegance as the pursuit of exclusiveness.
For the world’s starred hotels, Arnaboldi Interiors offers unparalleled elegance – sophisticated lacquers, handmade carving, decorations, and details in silver leaf – all come together to make the difference, offering that right touch of class that only timeless style can give.

Excellence and personalization of your interior.
Scene-stealing beauty for a suite to be experienced in pure elegance, with furnishings dedicated to those who love the charm of yesteryear, without giving up on comfort and aesthetics.
This collection is inspired by an idea that takes shape thanks to the excellence of classic style – arising from a concept of luxury as a value and a part of culture, making it insusceptible to passing trends.