Entrance cabinet

Entrance cabinet, interior furnishing starts here

The cabinet at the entrance is what introduces us to an hotel or abode's interior décor.  Our first impression is what counts, as they say.  That is why it is important to focus on the entrance.  It’s the first furnishing piece that anyone meets, in the entrance of the home, in the hotel where they are staying, or in the luxury villa that they’re visiting.

The cabinet for the entrance must have well-defined characteristics, make you understand the interpretation of the interior of the home, which style was chosen to decorate the interiors and what to expect from the furnishings that follow.

We have designed lobbies of some of the world's finest hotels, creating a cabinet for entryway furniture compositions, with a mirror, framed with gold-leaf, and a cabinet with carved wooden legs and antique mirrors, giving absolute class to the entrance.

Studying a contract project for bedrooms, the furnishing of the entrance was designed in the hallway made with low, lacquered, wainscoting and a cabinet as soon as you enter perfect for hanging coats, joining the timeless classic style of the lacquer with the modern brush strokes of the cabinet.