Handcrafted cabinets

Handcrafted cabinets, traditional stylish techniques

These handcrafted cabinets are made by hand as they once were.  The use of construction methods handed down for centuries in Cantù, and the artisan masters who work on these projects, create furniture that is defined by absolute elegance.

Through the use of traditional carving and inlay techniques, along with the possibility of decorating with elegant gold, or silver leaf padded finish, these craftsmen make furniture tied to the traditional style of pure ‘Made in Italy’.

We enhance our craftsmanship with details that make our products truly unique. Together with the client, we decide which special features they want for their furniture and we build them exemplary cabinets that perfectly combine the client’s personality with our experience.

Each piece is singular, and any irregularities of the cabinets are the signature mark of real artisanship. These handcrafted furnishings decorate your space, youconjuring up tradition, craftsmanship, customization and absolute sophistication.

The creation of luxury décor is the company’s goal, and precision workmanship underlines this desire.