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Wardrobe cabinets

wardrobe cabinets design, for suites or luxury home

Wardrobe cabinets, useful furnishings for the suites of hotels and also in very spacious, or luxury, homes, can’t but emphasize the importance of the people who choose them. Convenience and practicality combined with elegance, create a custom-designed product that allows for maximum capacity with and intelligent layout.

We verify the arrangement of the shelves together with you, where to insert the mirrors, the drawers, shoeracks, and all the elements that you want in your wardrobe cabinets.

Regarding furniture installations, there are numerous types: corner units, in order to take advantage of every inch of the room; bridge-shaped, if you like the idea to mount a large mirror or even to frame a door with this kind of furniture; and without doors, when you prefer to have everything in sight.

Whichever you may choose, these wardrobes and cabinets are offered with the aim to enrich the décor of a hotel suite or luxury housing, and are made of hard wood and crafted by artisan masters who know the finest traditional woodworking techniques.