Bespoke wardrobe
If you have decided to set up bespoke and custom wardrobes, rely on Arnaboldi., Whether it's a top-floor suite of a hotel, a mezzanine level in your luxury...

Wardrobe furniture

Wardrobe furniture to furnish large rooms

For larger surfaces, imagine the possibility of a personal wardrobe, and leave the interior décor to us.

The wardrobe or closet can be structured in a number of different ways, with classic furniture like a corner model, but also using simply a modern wood frame and leaving open spaces so that the structure seems much more leaner.

To invoke elegant elements, imagine stylish lacquered doors with alternating inlays or carving, adding a full length mirror in the room and proper lights, carefully offering up the right garment to wear or maybe give ourselves a glance before going out.

The furnishing of this space allows for numerous solutions, the customer will be part of the study of the project, along with our guidance.
We want it to be exactly like you imagined.
Should you request it, we also work with complementary furnishings: a chair to replace the clothes stand for hanging garments, the application of white wainscoting to highlight the wardrobe, or even the installation of a door made of carved satin-finished glass.