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Bespoke wardrobe

Bespoke custom wardrobe, furniture for complex spaces

If you have decided to set up bespoke and custom wardrobes, rely on Arnaboldi., Whether it's a top-floor suite of a hotel, a mezzanine level in your luxury villas or other places that require special studies and arrangements for the furniture, we are able to provide the best solution.

Our technicians will come for a first inspection of the building and accurately measure the size of the space to be furnished. The designers and master craftsmen will carry out the project to install the furniture that completes the bespoke and custom wardrobes.

The entire room will be arranged in order to add elegance and style to practicality, in fact, the interior will be organized to store clothes and accessories (belts, bags, shoes) and the exterior of the wardrobe will appear classic and magnificent thanks to unparalleled details.