Classic living rooms
In luxury living rooms furnished by Arnaboldi Interiors, there is that magical touch of classic tradition. Canapé padded and lined with fine fabrics, chairs...
Living room furniture
Creating a luxury living room lead you to carefully choose the furniture. The classic furniture made by the art of traditional craftsmen gives an antique...

Living room furnishings

Living room furnishings for villas and private apartments

Furniture designed for a living room responds to the pursuit of beauty, and elegance for your interior. We create furniture with the finest materials, reminiscent of the exclusivity of those bygone fashion living rooms, enriched with inlaid and carved wood, passed down through generations.

Armchairs upholstered in fabric or leather, sinuous classic sofas, complementary furnishings finished in incredible details and accurate design defining a luxury where you can spend pleasant moments relaxing with your family or friends.

Quality furnishings can be recognized by the careful selection of elements for a living room, by the sophistication of their work and by the harmony expressed in their layout. Classic living rooms, authentic to the traditional style, represent a meeting point between timeless ideas and the latest innovations in the home furnishing sector.