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Classic living rooms

Classic living rooms, timeless ideas to furnish your home

In luxury living rooms furnished by Arnaboldi Interiors, there is that magical touch of classic tradition. Canapé padded and lined with fine fabrics, chairs decorated with gold leaf and inlaid tables redefine the traditional concept of luxury living by integrating it with unparalleled contemporary style.

Classic pieces made of walnut or cherrywood carved by our master craftsmen using bygone techniques of woodworking are an added value to your home. Choosing a piece of furniture personalizes your home, transforming it into the ideal space where you can enjoy moments of everyday life.

The spaces of the living rooms are carefully designed to search for the most suitable solutions to customer needs. The walls of the lounges can be covered with wainscoting, making them cosy and luxurious. Custom made sofas, coffee tables with a unique shape become pieces of furniture that enhance the décor and beauty of the home.