Classic sitting rooms
The wonder of classic sitting rooms lies in the sophistication of the style, and elegance of the complementary furnishings. The precision in the execution of...

Sitting rooms

Living rooms, for villas and private apartments

The wonderful fusion of craftsmanship and the search of fine materials make unique, luxury sitting rooms, designed according to customer needs and in harmony with the general style of the home.

This modish décor reinterprets classic and bygone styles, giving the sitting rooms the perfect touch of contemporary elegance and luxury of the halls of the noble palaces of the past.

Furniture with classic forms are added to the interiors that we create, carving and precise finishes contribute to a sophisticated and customized furnishings. The wainscoting covers the inner walls of the sitting rooms, creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Our main goal is the pursuit of beauty: only the rarest and most exclusive wood is used in the production of our furniture, highlighted by the carving techniques of our master craftsmen.

Elegant curves and lines give to the sitting rooms that classic look, along with attention to details, weaving the magic of traditional creativity with the latest trends.