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Classic sitting rooms

Classic living rooms, luxury and tradition

The wonder of classic sitting rooms lies in the sophistication of the style, and elegance of the complementary furnishings.

The precision in the execution of details gives the right atmosphere to a lounge for relaxing, creating the perfect setting  for time spent with friends.

Wood furniture is created by the care of our craftsmanship, carried out by expert artisans with, a profound understanding of traditional techniques, inspired by the style of bygone lounge furniture, leading to the creation of a contemporary luxury interior.

Chairs upholstered with the finest fabrics, combined with the right furnishings, classic and elegant sofas, tables enriched with inlays and finished in gold, give your lounge a truly classic style. Every piece of furniture in the home is carefully chosen and matched to achieve a perfect balance of beauty and practicality.

A classic sitting room, made with the finest materials and with the passion that we put into our redefinition of the interior, becomes the heart of a warm and cosy flat.