Classic luxury tables
Fine wood and handcrafting characterize our manufacturing of classic luxury tables. Traditional wood carving techniques are combined with the shapes and...
Bespoke tables
We offer a production of tables on request, responding to your each and every wish. Each creation is a unique piece, a work of craftsmanship made with great...

Tables dining rooms

Custom tables for dining rooms

A true understanding of design styles for interior décor allows us to create sophisticated and elegant dining tables.

Tables and coffee tables produced by the masterful expertise of craftsmen who work in our workshops make lead to exclusive, high quality pieces that complement luxury furnishing. Each piece is made following bygone craftsmanship, created through artisan techniques that enhance the wood carving and unparalleled finishes.

The use of steel in the frame, the richness of the wooden inlays and the combination of different types of wood offer a rare of beauty, the gracefulness of the past lives in these creations that combine timeless lines with contemporary style.

The dining tables are decorated with classic, complex patterns that truly enrich the beauty of a room, creating an exclusive, luxurious and cosy space in the home.