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Classic luxury tables

Tables with a classic style for luxury interior design

Fine wood and handcrafting characterize our manufacturing of classic luxury tables. Traditional wood carving techniques are combined with the shapes and lines of modern design, creating tables that are then carefully finished down to the smallest detail.

To personalize the décor of a home you have to choose your pieces with care and arrange them in a harmonious way within the interior. We produce artisan-crafted tables that meet the wishes of each and every client, finding the best solutions in line with the general décor and pairing with other furnishings.

These classic tables are one-of-a-kind creations and luxurious designer furnishings, made with the highest quality materials and finely decorated by hand. They can also be enhanced with leather parts on the top, or with gold or silver leaf, as well as floral ornamentation.

Adorning luxury lounges with classic tables means reviving that atmosphere of a bygone manor, in a magical combination of tradition and contemporary living.