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For three generations, we have lived and breathed interior design, creating furnishings for contract work and luxury villas. The in-depth knowledge of...
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We design interiors for bars and restaurants of hotels, handling the design and aspect of each element found in the room. Our in-depth knowledge of artisan...

Interior design furniture

Interior designs idea, practical solutions for furnishing

Designing an interior follows the latest trends on contemporary interior design. The study of the lines of the furniture begins with historical research on styles and materials of bygone and traditional methods of workmanship, along with the timeless taste for beauty.

We are specialized in designing furniture for homes and contract projects, building furniture and accessories modelled after the client's specific requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of the techniques of decoration and inlay, along with the choice of only the finest woods, make our production a meeting point between simplicity and innovation, expressively inventive styles and a pure love for the classic, thanks to our expert interior designers.

The interior makeover of hotels or private home is based on a preliminary analysis of the interior and environment, following the customer's wishes and the originality and creativity of our interior decorators. Each piece of furniture is designed in perfect combination with your interior, making your hotel or your home a sophisticated, elegant and welcoming place.