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White wainscoting

Wainscoting in white, a touch of elegance

From woodworking know-how, unique and personalized forms of interior decorating come to life. Enriching an environment with white wainscoting means transforming it into a place of style and harmony.

The use of white wainscoting is a wonderful solution, where simplicity is part of it all: the sophisticated wood decorations stand out on the lacquered and carved panelling, painted in white, giving brightness and warmth to a room. The design and creation of this kind of lacquered wainscoting makes it possible to transform low-light interiors into vibrant spaces full of luminosity.

The experience of tradition, paired with artistic excellence of Arnaboldi Interiors, is at your disposal to design and create wainscoting in white, built with the finest materials and suitable for any interior, evoking antique charm and the class of modern practicality.