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Furnishings made in Italy, by hand, as it used to be

Arnaboldi Interiors is the definition of tradition, art furniture culture, innovation and creativity – the company is founded on these values, offering services to our demanding clientele and customers, in order to create furnishings for the home, hotels, and contract. These proposals arise from true Italian creativity, where artisan experience and historical research come perfectly together to offer that absolute excellence of real furnishings from the Brianza region, an area that has given “Made in Italy” its world-famous name.

The ability to make the furnishings of your dreams, using carving, inlay, and unparalleled decorative arts – this is our daily leitmotif, and has been for three generations.
The understanding and expertise of bygone finishing techniques – padded finish or gold and silver leaf finish – give these furnishings a special touch of that antique style. Each furnishing is one-of-a-kind and the fruit of the careful craftsmanship of our artisan masters. Any irregularities are simply the result of this artisan workmanship, making each furniture piece unique and unparalleled.